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BI4people – Business intelligence for the people – ANR-CE23



The term “data-driven innovation” (DDI) refers to the capacity of businesses and public sector bodies to make use of information from improved data analytics to develop improved services and goods that facilitate everyday life of individuals and of organizations, including SMEs.

The aim of BI4people is to bring the power of OLAP interactive analysis to the largest possible audience, by implementing the data warehousing process in software-as-a-service mode, from multisource, heterogeneous data (typically under the form of tables from spreadsheets, textual and semi-structured documents, or the Web) integration to intuitive OLAP-like analysis and data visualization (dataviz). To achieve this goal, the BI service must implement privacy by design, be autonomous, extremely simple, user-friendly and intelligible (IT and BI jargon proscribed!). In this framework, classical data warehousing stages still apply, but must be fully automated. To the best of our knowledge, BI4people would be the first platform to achieve this goal, as similar projects [4, 5] relate to automating machine learning processes instead.

• WP4 – Assisted dataviz/exploration 
• WP7 – Evaluation of user appropriation : In charge, Fabien LABARTHE

Responsable(s) scientifique(s)

Jérôme DARMONT, ERIC UR 3083 (coordinateur) ; Julia BONACCORSI, ELICO UR 4147 ; Sabine LOUDCHER, ERIC UR 3083 ; Franck RAVAT IRIT ; Gilles VENTURINI, LIFAT

Unité(s) de recherche impliquée(s)



LIFAT- UR 6300




TUBA – Lyon

Unités de recherche porteuses

ERIC UR 3083



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